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    Bermuda National Gallery

    The National Gallery is the main attraction of Bermuda which allows travelers to get better acquainted with the local culture and learn the history of these places The gallery houses a collection of works by famous European artists who belong to the

    Fort Hamilton

    Pyatsіvugolnaya Fort Hamilton is a significant building which is located on a hilltop with magnificent views of the harbor of Hamilton and beautiful gardens Its construction was in the 1870s to protect the harbor and the formation of a line of

    Cenotaph monument

    Kenataf a monument Bermudians who died in the world wars in 1920 There is a replica of the Memorial in London's Whitehall Kenataf this tombstone in a place where there is over late considered symbolic grave It is installed if the deceased died there

    Institute of Undersea Research

    Bermuda Underwater Research Institute is located in downtown Hamilton in today's rather unusual building it is possible to see interesting and informative interactive exhibits After visiting the museum you will learn many interesting things in the

    Royal Square in St. George

    The center of the city is the Royal Square on which the Town Hall (1782) and the Old State House (XVII XVIII centuries ) Former residence where almost 200 years sat parliamentarians country gunpowder was stored in case of siege and also has a

    FOB Delaram II

    Helmand River

    Helmand River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Afghanistan which runs on the Iranian Plateau Approximate length of the river 1 150 kilometers and the area of ​​its basin is 5 000 000 square kilometers The origins of rivers flow into the lake

    Bost Airport

    Bost it's a big airport in Afghanistan mostly serving regional commuter aircraft Bost is situated on the southern outskirts of the city of Lashkar Gah on the left bank of the Helmand River Bost Airport was created in 1957 In its construction

    Camp Leatherneck Medical Complex

    POD 9

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