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    Ghazni Airport

    Gaznі a small paramilitary airport located within the eponymous Afghan city Today Gaznі is under extensive renovation and very soon it will have international status Gaznі airport was built at the former military airfield and for a long time it

    Airport Sardeh Band

    Airport Sardeha Band - airport located three kilometers from the lake shook Khan. It was built in 1967.The airport is located at an altitude of 2.125 meters. The length of the runway - 2,104 meters and 58 meters - the width.

    I-15 North

    Siddhi Enterprise

    FOB Ghozni


    Host Airport

    Host Airport - regional domestic airport, which has a runway length of 2.478 meters. It is built at an altitude of 1,172 meters above sea level.The nearest airport Para Chinar is located in Pakistan, 63 kilometers away from the host.

    My Rack


    Cordillera is one of the longest mountain chains in the world Their duration from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska is 14 500 kilometers and stretches of mountain plateau reaches 800 kilometers It is here that one can observe the fascinating landscapes In
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