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    Bermuda Cathedral Bridge to Holy Trinity

    Bermuda Cathedral Bridge to Holy Trinity the Mother Church of England in Bermuda known not only for its religious historical and social significance but also for its beautiful arhitekturoy On located in the heart of Hamilton   Bermuda Cathedral

    Tarin Kowt airport

    Tar'іn Kowt airport - airport, built at an altitude of 1,350 meters. He is located in the same city. From Russia there are no direct flights to Tar'іn Kowt - from other countries does flies Afghan Jet International.

    Snoop's Pavilion


    Kandahar International Airport

    Kandahar International Airport built in 1956 1962 US agency is used for both civilian and military flights He first served as a place for refueling en route to Southeast Asia but with the development of aviation lost its necessity Throughout its

    Arghandab River

    Arghandab River is one of the most famous rivers which is located in the central part of Afghanistan It begins near the town Gaznі and flows south west until it reaches the mainstream of Helmand Approximate length of the river 400 miles  

    Down Town Down Timr

    Monty DFAC

    MOD 5832 Room 3

    Green Beans MWR

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