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    Bamyan Airport

    • Sar Asyab, Afghanistan
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      Bamyan - a small Afghan airport located in the central part of the country and serving the same city. Bamiyan is considered one of the highest airports in the world.

      Airport Bamiyan has a unique location - it is built on a high plateau, which rises above the sea level by more than two and a half kilometers. Through the thin air and bad weather Bamyan able to receive only the light aircraft, which is not required to break up a long runway. The local GDP has a length of 2,000 meters, and its surface is a mixture ўtrambavanuyu gravel and soil. In addition to aircraft, Bamyan also serves helicopters from the American military base built nearby.

      Bamyan has exceptional strategic importance, so heavily guarded. However, despite the significant presence of military forces of NATO at the airport, Bamyan still maintains and civilian flights. Furthermore Airport often use different humanitarian organizations to deliver their cargo.

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