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    Bost Airport

    • Karez, Afghanistan
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      Bost - it's a big airport in Afghanistan, mostly serving regional commuter aircraft. Bost is situated on the southern outskirts of the city of Lashkar Gah, on the left bank of the Helmand River.

      Bost Airport was created in 1957. In its construction participated actively in the American engineers, and the money allocated for the construction of the US government. For its time, the airport was quite modern, but in later years he almost never upgraded. Bost has undergone extensive renovation only half a century after its discovery - in 2008. Gravel runway has been replaced by a more modern, asphalt. The length of the new GDP was 2300 meters, width - 43 meters. After repave Bost immediately became very popular, and today he is one of the busiest airports in Afghanistan.

      In general, Bost is considered rather obsolete airport, but in terms of ensuring the safety of passengers it takes not the last place. And given the extremely dangerous political situation in the country, this parameter plays a decisive role.  

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