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    Airport Chaghcharan

    • Kansi Sufla, Afghanistan
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      Chaghcharan - a small civil-military airport located in the mountains of central Afghanistan, right on the banks of the river Hari. Airport serves the city of Chaghcharan and used troops NATO and Afghan National Guard.

      Chaghcharan airport has a small airstrip and the only terminal. The length of the local GDP is less than two miles away, but good asphalt coating allows the airport to receive not only light, but also of medium, as well as some heavy aircraft. However, a major problem for air navigation creates a height which is built Chaghcharan - Airport is located in a mountainous region, at an altitude of 2250 meters above sea level. The air is rarefied, and piloting difficult. 

      In general, the airport Chaghcharan typical Afghan airport - it is outdated both morally and physically, but is still in operation. The main part of the flight is reserved for military aircraft, but Chaghcharan open to commercial flights.

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