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    Kunduz Airport

    • Qarah Qishlaq, Afghanistan
    • Kunduz Airport$$
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      Kunduz - a major Afghan airport located in the northern region of the country, several dozen kilometers from the border with Tajikistan. Currently, the airport is considered to be purely military, but it serves both freight and passenger some Flights local importance.

      Kunduz Airport has a single runway with asphalt. Its length is almost two kilometers long, with a width of 45 meters. The airport is able to accept and handle even the heaviest aircraft. Today Kunduz is controlled by the military NATO contingent and often used the International Security Assistance Force for the delivery of various humanitarian supplies and food aid to the needy in Afghanistan.

      In 2011, was a complete modernization of the airport and made repairs airfield. Kunduz is constantly being developed and improved, so that he soon will be used for commercial passenger flights.

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