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    Fortress Kaka

    • Qazi Deh, Afghanistan
    • Fortress Kaka$$
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      Kaka fortress, located on the banks of the river Panj, Tajikistan, on the border with Afghanistan, was probably built of clay in the IV-VI centuries, at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. It received its name in honor of the legendary hero Kaaahka - King siahpushey-vognepaklonnіkamі. Nowadays it is the remains of the fortress, the walls of which the length of 670 meters from east to west and 220 meters from north to south is framed by the rocky hill,

      Planning fortress consists of three parts - the citadel and the two sites, and a fortress in the fortress. In the southwestern part of the fortress you can see the ruins of the citadel, surrounded by a number of walls, within which the remains of buildings, The researchers acknowledged that the construction of the palace type. Within the walls of the entire length of a large number of speakers are built into the outer side of the towers. The inner walls of the fortress have been eroded and partially destroyed, and outside it looks very convincingly. Visiting the fortress Kaka requires coordination with the border guards.

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