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    International Airport Herat

    • gdhrh, Afghanistan
    • International Airport Herat$$
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      Herat - one of the largest international airports in Afghanistan, which ranks third in the number of passengers served. Herat is located in the west of the country, ten kilometers south of the city of the same name.

      Herat International Airport was built in the fifties of the XX century American engineers. The airport has a single runway, which stretches for two and a half kilometers and capable of taking even the most visokotonnazhnie aircraft. During the Afghan war in Herat based Soviet bombers, and now the airport is actively used by NATO forces. The last ten years Herat mainly serves transport and military aircraft, but in 2011 it was attached to a new passenger terminal and the airport received international status.

      Today Herat committed flights to Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries. The airport is constantly evolving and upgraded, introducing modern technologies and equipment.

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