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    Kabul International Airport

    • Qal`ah-ye Chaman, Afghanistan
    • Kabul International Airport$$
    • +93 (0)7995 13900
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      Kabul International Airport, also known as Khwaja rummaging, is the largest airport in Afghanistan.

      It was built during the Soviet era. Due to his country would achieve a high level of organization of international tourist trips, but after the civil war in 1979 the state plans were not realized. In 1992, the airport was captured by Mujahideen, and in 2011 - destroyed by US forces.

      In 2006, the Japanese did support the country adopted a draft recovery airport. In accordance with it created a new terminal, which will allow up to 2011 to increase passenger traffic up to 100,000 people. In 2009, opened a new international terminal, and later installed a new radar system.

      Currently supports base airport for airlines such as Safi Airways, Ariana Afghan Airlines and Kam Air.

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