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    Kandahar International Airport

    • Khosh Ab, Afghanistan
    • Kandahar International Airport$$
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      Kandahar International Airport, built in 1956-1962 US agency, is used for both civilian and military flights.

      He first served as a place for refueling en route to Southeast Asia, but with the development of aviation lost its necessity.

      Throughout its history, the airport was captured by the troops of the USSR and damaged several times: during the Afghan war and the war in Afghanistan. It is the place where it was created one of the first NATO bases in the country.

      In 2007 it was completely restored and is now used for other purposes.

      The airport, which has a runway of 3,200 meters, has one terminal and is the base for airlines such as Ariana Afghan, Kam AirAirlines and Iran Aseman Airlines.

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