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    Lake Band-e Amir

    • Bala Tang, Afghanistan
    • Lake Band-e Amir$$
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      Lake Band-e Amir National Park - is one of the most beautiful lakes in Afghanistan, which are formed by a chain of six turquoise lakes. They are located at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the mountains Gіndukush. The lake is separated from the tufa rock. Enriched with carbon dioxide water has a distinctive bright blue color. Afghan authorities wanted to give lakes national monument in 1960, but political instability prevented this.

      In 1970, the lake very popular among tourists, but for the invasion of the territory of the country you are visiting lakes stopped. In 2004, the Government submitted an application for the inclusion of lakes Band-e Amir National Park in the World Heritage List. Already in 2009, was announced one of the first national parks in Afghanistan within these lakes.

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