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    Metro Station 'Red Prospect'

    • Dehqan Khanah, Afghanistan
    • Metro Station 'Red Prospect'$$
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      The station was commissioned in 1985 and is geographically located in the center of Novosibirsk, so it is an important infrastructural hub linking the many attractions of the city. Located near the exit Wedding Palace, House officers, Circus, Ascension Cathedral and several shopping centers.

      The station is made in a simple style, but there are also colored accents - the walls and ceiling light marble and dark red tones. According to the authors, this color scheme should be reminded of the industrial might of Novosibirsk.

      In appearance the station there is another element that would cause certain associations. On the ceiling, in the form of light folds architects tried to visualize the "duration and swiftness" Red Avenue, the main thoroughfare city, in whose honor and named the station.

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