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    Cenotaph monument

    • Karez-e Sang, Afghanistan
    • Cenotaph monument$$
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    • Kenataf - a monument Bermudians who died in the world wars in 1920. There is a replica of the Memorial in London's Whitehall.

      Kenataf this tombstone in a place where there is over late ,, considered symbolic grave.
      It is installed if the deceased died there missing or drowned, or lost body search may lead to new victims and can not be buried in his homeland.
      Kenataf also set if the body is cremated and the ashes scattered.

      Cenotaph serve to memory for the dead and perform funeral rites.
      In the European tradition is often called the Cenotaph memorial building, located not above the grave with the remains of the deceased, and the place of his death (even if there is a grave).

      Memorials may have different types of structures and the degree of difficulty is the mound, headstone, tomb, crypt, monument, bust, stela, obelisk, memorial, bas-relief, a memorial plaque and more

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