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    Helmand River

    • `Aynak, Afghanistan
    • Helmand River$$
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    • Helmand River - is one of the most beautiful rivers in Afghanistan, which runs on the Iranian Plateau. Approximate length of the river - 1,150 kilometers, and the area of ​​its basin is 5,000,000 square kilometers. The origins of rivers flow into the lake Hamun that is in the territory Iran. The lake forms a swampy delta, which is prone movement. The main tributary of the Helmand River Arghandab considered.

      Basically, the river is filled with snow and melting glaciers. Often water is replenished in the spring and summer floods, and sometimes as a result of a winter warming. The average annual consumption of water for irrigation is 400-500 cubic meters, and in the flood season it reaches 1,500-2,000 square meters. The maximum amount of water can reach 15,000 square meters. Downstream tasty small strip of land in the desert Dasht-e-Margo.

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