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    River Kabul

    • Kalayi-Riko, Afghanistan
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      Kabul River is the main river of eastern Afghanistan. Its length is 460 km and the basin area is 75,000 square kilometers. The origins of rivers originate on the southern slope Gіndukusha. Basically it is a tributary of the river Panjshir. Then, the river flows through Kabul to Peshawar, Kabul and Jalalabad.

      In winter, the water inflow is very small, but in the summer the river is replenished by melting glaciers. If the amount of water is not sufficient, the river dries up partially. The greatest influx is observed in the month of July. More than 120 kilometers of the river is used for irrigation of adjacent land. Also has three river inflow. The largest tributary of the River Kabul is considered Kunar. Despite the influx of Kunar River Kabul is much more water.

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