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    River Kokcha

    • Kuruk, Afghanistan
    • River Kokcha$$
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      Kokcha River - is one of the most beautiful rivers in Afghanistan. Its length is 360 kilometers with a left tributary of the Panj. It was formed by the merger of two rivers - Munjal and Yahshindara. The width of the river is about Kokcha 10-12 meters, and its depth Depending on the terrain can reach 2-3 meters. In the city of Faizabad it flows through a fairly narrow gorges in the northern cliffs Gіndukusha.

      After the town of Faizabad takes their possession several very large inflows fall when left in the Panj River, which flows through the Afghan village of Dasht-i-Qala. Most of the rivers flowing into the northern Kokcha gorges Gіndukusha slopes. Most often it water is used for irrigation in the surrounding areas, saves crops from drought. The river carries a great ecological significance, as in the case of drying the people will not be able to grow vegetables.

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