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    Panj River

    • Sakhsah Kol, Afghanistan
    • Panj River$$
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    • Panj River - a river that flows along the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Its length is 921 km and the basin area - 114,000 square kilometers. It is formed by the confluence of the river and lake Zorkul Vachan-Darya. Most of the river flows in narrow gorges and valleys. Main power it receives due to melting snow. The average water consumption for irrigation of 1,000 cubic meters per second. Also located in the valley of the Panj fleets Khorog and Dushanbe.

      Powerful and turbulent river is very changeable. It may be that calm, then boiling. Traveling on the river is difficult to imagine that this beautiful escaped from the mountains to the plains, and then merged with the quiet river Vakhsh. After that, she joined the Amudar'yu and without reaching the sea, to disperse in different directions.

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