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    Private zoo in Pul-i-Khumri

    Private zoo in Pul i Khumri it is the only private zoo of the city Opened it one of the local businesses in 2008 Currently the zoo has more than one hundred and fifty different species of animals birds and fish Private zoo in Puli persimmon was 

    D'Olundus View Cafe Kundasang

    Panj River

    Central Asian Panj River one of the main rivers in Tajikistan left tributary of the Amu Darya It is formed in the southwest of the Tajik Afghan border as a result of the confluence of Vachan Darya and Pamir Mouth of the river is located in the south

    The Amu Darya River

    The Amu Darya River the largest river in Central Asia which is formed by the confluence of the Panj and Vakhsh It got its name from the ancient historical settlement Amul The river flows through the southern part of the Hissar Ola flows into the

    Reserve Tiger Beam

    Reserve Tiger Beam one of the largest reserves located in the Republic Tadzhikistan Ego territory extends from the Panj River and Desert Kanyushynka Kum in the south to the mountain spine Hodge goat It has a large enough  Tugay complex

    Mausoleum of Khoja Mashhad and madrassas

    Mausoleum of Khoja Mashhad and madrassas is one of the most famous and prominent historical monuments in Central Asia It is located in the south of Tajikistan in the village Shaartuz 6 kilometers from Shahritus in the lower reaches of the river

    Panj River

    Panj River a river that flows along the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan Its length is 921 km and the basin area 114 000 square kilometers It is formed by the confluence of the river and lake Zorkul Vachan Darya Most of the river flows

    Takht Sangin ("Temple of the Oxus")

    Takht Sangіn or Temple of the Oxus the remains of an ancient temple located on the territory of the settlement in Hatlonskay area five kilometers from the village Teshik Tosh According to archaeologists the temple was dedicated to the deity of the

    River Kokcha

    Kokcha River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Afghanistan Its length is 360 kilometers with a left tributary of the Panj It was formed by the merger of two rivers Munjal and Yahshindara The width of the river is about Kokcha 10 12 meters and

    Kunduz Airport

    • 1.81 км
    Kunduz a major Afghan airport located in the northern region of the country several dozen kilometers from the border with Tajikistan Currently the airport is considered to be purely military but it serves both freight and passenger some  Flights
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